HKUST Business School has recently held two events as part of its BizTalk Series Spring 2024, with themes examining “fairness and resource allocation” as well as “getting good and creative work from employees” by faculty from the fields of management, marketing, and finance.

Fairness and Resource Allocation

The first event featured Assistant Professor CHEN Qihui (Department of Marketing) who discussed how social influence affects parents’ choices of educational products for their children, while Associate Professor Melody CHAO (Department of Management) examined the role of fairness perception in the use of AI to mitigate negative reactions to unfavorable decisions.

Prof. Melody CHAO (left)The Fair AI: The Use of AI Mitigates Negative Reactions Toward Unfavorable Decisions
Prof. CHEN Qihui (right) – Social Influence on Resource Allocation

Getting Good or Creative Work from Your Employees

The second event focused on employee creativity, with Fung Term Professor of Management and Chair Professor (Department of Management) GONG Yaping exploring the relationship between employee-experienced crises and creativity, while Assistant Professor John NASH (Department of Finance) discussed the optimal delegation of trial and error problem-solving.

Prof. John NASH (left) – Delegating Trial and Error
Prof. GONG Yaping (right) – Advances in Creativity and Innovation Research: Power, Crisis, AI and Beyond

The BizTalk Series provides a platform for our faculty to discuss and offer insights into important topics in business and management.