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Over the years, our faculty members have published articles on local media outlets, sharing their insights with the public in a book FINTECH – Reshaping the Future of Finance Services《金融科技重塑金融未來》

Published by the HKUST Business School, the book features articles previously published in a column (解牛集) in the Hong Kong Economic Journal, by seven faculty members across three departments. The book explores five core themes – “Fintech and the Future of Hong Kong’s Finance”, “Artificial Intelligence Opportunities and Challenges”, “The Technology and Application of Blockchain”, “The Application and Deficiencies of Big Data”, and “Network Security and Personal Privacy Protection."

Contributing faculty members include Prof TAM Kar Yan, Prof HUI Kar Lung, Prof CHEN Yanzhen, Prof XU Hong and Prof YANG Yi from the Departments of ISOM; Prof JT LI and Prof Allen HUANG, respectively from the Department of Management and Department of Accounting.