EMBA Program Homecoming Shares Insights on Sustainable Development

Various media, including Ifeng.com, hebtv.com, ithome.com, cctime.com, pingwest.com, pedaily.cn, cb.com.cn, donews.com, zol.com.cn, jiemian.com, sina.cn, tech.china.com and cet.com.cn, reported that the HKUST EMBA program hosted a two-day homecoming event, attracting the participation of over 200 alumni and students. Scholars and professors were invited to share their insights on sustainable development. Notably, EMBA alumnus PAN Yi donated HK$10 million to the School to establish the "Pan Yi Professorship in Business".

MBA Program Takes No.1 Spot in HK in Financial Times Ranking

Various media, including Mbachina.com, Poets and Quants, Yahoo News, Jingji.com.cn, ikanchai.com, kejilie.com, twwtn.com, pcpop.com, sootoo.com, sina.com.cn, chinaidr.com, cinic.org.cn, zhonghongwang.com, henan.china.com, and ebusinessreview.cn reported that in the latest Financial Times Global MBA 2024 Ranking, the MBA program has been ranked as the No.1 MBA program in HK and No.1 in Asia for the ‘Aims Achieved’ category.


Enhancing Competitiveness of SMEs (Feb 29)

According to reports by Ifeng.com, cls.cn, eastmoney, finance.jrj.com.cn, sina.com.cn, and investing.com, Prof. XU Yan, Department of ISOM, said that it is pragmatic for the government to scrap, under the new budget, all property cooling measures and suggested the government to focus on enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs through technological innovation.

On Hong Kong’s New Budget (Feb 29)

In an SCMP article on the policies unveiled in the latest Budget to boost investments in digital and green initiatives, Adjunct Prof. KC CHAN, Department of Finance, was quoted as saying that prioritizing spending is important, and the Budget represents a balance of many different issues.

Enhancing Synergy among Family Offices (Feb 29)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Director of Roger King Center for Asian Family Business and Family Office Prof. Winnie PENG wrote about the synergistic effect generated by collaborations among family offices.

Journey of Pursuing a DBA Degree (Feb 27)

In a sponsored feature article published in the Harvard Business Review on the DBA program, a graduate and a current student shared how the program helps them to gain a broader perspective, develop more ways of thinking, and deepen their research knowledge. Chair Prof. SHI Mengze, Department of Marketing, added that many executives seek to achieve personal growth through the program.

No Decoupling Between US and China (Feb 27)

According to reports by 881903.com and Line Today, Chair Prof. Albert PARK, Department of Economics, said in an interview that although some countries are trying to impose restrictions on the trade with China with respect to certain products, there is no clear decoupling on a global scale.

Potential Impacts of Another U.S. Presidency of Donald Trump. (Feb 23)

An HK Economic Times article by Prof. Emeritus Francis LUI, Department of Economics, discussed the potential impact on world politics in the event of another U.S. presidency of Donald Trump.

Helping Students Explore Sustainability-related Opportunities (Feb 23)

According to constructionplusasia.com, Assoc. Prof. Veronique J. A. LAFON-VINAIS, Department of Finance, was a speaker of the second edition of “Green Jobs Fair”, an event jointly organized by the Business Environment Council and Network of Environmental Student Societies.

Alumna with Albinism Forges Path in Investing Banking (Feb 22)

An HK Economic Times feature article on Eli TANG, an alumna with Albinism, majoring in quantitative finance, and now a stock analyst and trader at a US investment bank, highlights her confidence and passion in tackling challenges in life, learning, and work.

Combating Internet Frauds to Maintain Trust (Feb 22)

HK Economic Times ran a column article by Senior Assoc. Dean Prof. HUI Kai-Lung on combating Internet frauds to prevent a trust crisis.

Output Thinking to Boost I&T Development (Feb 16)

HK Economic Times published a column article by Center for Business Strategy and Innovation Assoc. Director Prof. Xu Yan on why HK should adopt “output thinking” to boost I&T development.

On the Lionel Messi Incident (Feb 16)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Prof. Emeritus Francis Lui wrote about the "motives" behind Lionel Messi's absence in an exhibition match in HK.

Mainland’s Economic Recovery Key to HK Stock Market’s Revival (Feb 15)

In an article published in Sing Tao Daily and Sing Tao Headline regarding feedback on an economist's remarks that “HK is over”, Adjunct Prof. KC Chan, Department of Finance, was quoted as saying that HK stock market will only revive once the mainland economy recovers, and improving stock market liquidity provides little assistance.

Repositioning HK as an International Financial Center (Feb 14)

In a feature interview published in HK Economic Journal, Adjunct Prof. KC Chan, Department of Finance, discussed ways to reposition HK as an international financial center. He suggested that the city should transform itself into a wealth management center that provides diversified trading tools, rather than only focusing on IPO activities.

Keeping Chaos at Bay with Article 23 Legislation (Feb 9)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Prof. Emeritus Francis LUI, Department of Economics, explained why the legislation for Basic Law Article 23 is necessary for HK.

Attaining High Standards for Business Education for Executives (Feb 8 and 29)

An advertorial was published in investorscn.com on the MBA Program. Separately, in an article published in Sina.com.cn, Sina and china.com.cn discussing the impact of EMBA programs on critical thinking and foresight, the advantages of HKUST's bilingual EMBA programs were highlighted. The article also featured Leo LIU, Vice President of Alibaba Cloud International, who shared his personal

advantages he gained from choosing the HKUST EMBA program.

Adapting the Workforce to Shifts in Job market Triggered by AI (Feb 8)

HK Economic Times ran a column article by Chair Prof. J.T. LI, Department of Management, on the impacts of AI on the job market and measures for adapting human workforce to the rapidly evolving landscape.

Algorithms Key to Marketing in the Age of AI (Feb 8)

In an Eastmoney.com feature interview with CCTV financial channel, Assoc. Prof. WANG Wenbo, Department of Marketing, discussed hot topics such as the impacts of AI on the future world and the role of algorithms in marketing.

Instinct Drives Workers to Adopt Corporate Jargon (Feb 5)

In a BCC feature about workers’ instinct to use jargon, Assistant Prof. Zachariah BROWN, Department of Management, argues it is often necessary to use jargon in today's work culture, and failure to signal that you belong could have professional consequences, particularly for early career workers.

Supporting Basic Law Article 23 legislation (Feb 3)

In a speakout.hk interview about the commencement of the public consultation on Basic Law Article 23 legislation by the HK Government, Prof. Emeritus Francis Lui, Department of Economics, expressed support and said that the chaos in the political environment have been the real cause of HK’s economic woes.

Rethinking HK's land and housing policies (Feb 2)

In a Bauhinia magazine column article, Prof. Emeritus Francis Lui, Department of Economics, called on the Government to invest some of its US dollar reserve in land reclamation works.

Sing Tao Service Awards (Feb 2)

In an advertorial published in Sing Tao Daily on the Sing Tao Service Awards 2023, Assoc. Prof. SIU Kam-Wing, Department of Economics, who served as one of the Award’s judges, was quoted as saying that people-oriented innovative intelligent technology can enhance service quality and efficiency.

Survey Report on Attitudes towards Virtual Assets (Feb 1)

Sina HK and ESD life published an advertorial on the School’s survey report on virtual assets, which found that the public has become more conservative towards virtual assets after the alleged financial fraud involving a cryptocurrency platform last year.

Shoring up Tourism Sector with New Attractions (Feb 1)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Senior Assoc. Dean Prof. Hui Kai-Lung and Center for Business and Social Analytics Asst. Manager Wern NGO wrote about the urgency for HK to explore new attractions to lure tourists. According to the forecasts of the Wisers-HKUST Tourism Index, which tracks the near-term outlook for inbound tourism, both January and February registered a decline.