Green Finance Research

green finance
Green finance is a global effort that mobilizes financing tools to achieve more sustainable environmental outcomes.

The green finance research project aims at developing research and educational programs to enhance Hong Kong as an international green finance center. It is supported by the theme-based research scheme (TRS) 2021/22 by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of the Hong Kong Government, entitled “Developing Hong Kong as a Global Green Finance Centre” (project no. T31-603/21-N). The project strives for both academic achievements and societal impacts.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

This project is conducted by an interdisciplinary team of scholars in business (finance, accounting, economics, and financial technology), environmental science, and public policy, as well as former policymakers and experienced practitioners. The goals are to advance the intellectual frontier of green finance by conducting a series of cohesive studies that address fundamental research questions, including: (1) the impacts of environmental risks on financial markets and financial decisions; (2) climate risk modeling and derivative products; (3) the financing of green infrastructure projects; (4) enabling technologies of green finance; (5) talent capacity building and talent development; and (6) the effectiveness of policy and regulatory instruments in developing green finance in Hong Kong. The project adopts a “Think and Do” approach to apply the findings and new knowledge created by fundamental intellectual inquiries to actual applications and experimentation in the form of technology prototypes and proof-of-concept financial product design.

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