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The project aims at providing a roadmap for transforming Hong Kong into a global fintech hub through the delivery of policy recommendations, scholarly contributions, and industrial impacts.


Led by Professor Tam Kar Yan, the Project, “Contributing to the Development of Hong Kong into a Global Fintech Hub”, is one of five important studies awarded funding by the Research Grants Council (RGC) under the Theme-based Research Scheme 2018/19. It consists of eight major research tasks that cover blockchain, cybersecurity, risk preference, robo-advising, artificial intelligence / machine learning, systemic risk, financial innovation policy, and manpower development, conducted by a team of elite researchers from HKUST and other universities with expertise in finance, information systems, computer science, accounting, economics, and policy. The Project Advisory Board consists of representatives from regulators, financial institutions, technology providers and fintech startups that recommends the overall research direction and provide advice and facilitate the dissemination of research findings.

Fintech Education

Aside from research, the project team also dedicates their efforts into promoting fintech to the HKUST community and beyond. Fintech seminars, workshops, and other activities for students, staff, and the public are organized from time to time with the aims to increasing HKUST members' knowledge and understanding on fintech, inviting dialogues for exchange of insights, and creating learning opportunities for HKUST students and the public.

Industry Collaborations

We recognize the importance of educators and industry practitioners to work closely together for building a vibrant and diverse fintech community. We are open to ideas and knowledge exchange. Talk to us and explore possible collaborations on fintech education and research.

Visit the Explore Fintech Website to learn more about our project.

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