Promoting Hong Kong’s I&T industry Development

Various media, including RTHK, Singtao, Headline, Mingpao, Finance Mingpao, HKET, HKET 2, WenWeiPo, HKEJ, epochtimes, HKCD, RTHK 2, WenWeiPo 2. Line Today, Bastillepost, Sina, Yahoo HK 2, Yahoo HK 3, Headline 2, Oriental Daily, GCMT, ifeng.com, Sina 2, Bastillepost 2, China Daily - HK and JUMP, reported about a study on Hong Kong’s innovation and technology (I&T) industry jointly released by the School and Deloitte. While Hong Kong’s I&T Development Blueprint outlined a clear roadmap for the industry, the city still faces multiple challenges, with talent shortage being the biggest one. Prof. XU Yan of the HKUST Business School advocated for output thinking, a strategy that optimizes resource allocation and utilization. He also urged the government to foster private sector R&D investment, attract foreign and mainland R&D firms to HK, and cultivate more I&T talent.


Pictet Asset Management’s Inaugural Asia University Competition (Jan 30)

HK Economic Times, HK Commercial Daily, sina.com.hk and money.udn.com reported that the inaugural "Investing in the Future University Competition 2023" organized by Pictet Asset Management concluded recently, with HKUST's student team among the top six. The School is the event’s leading academic partner. Dean Prof. TAM Kar-Yan said the competition gathered experts from the investment and academic sectors to exchange knowledge and cultivate talent to support sustainable development.

Sharing Insights on Advancing Hong Kong’s Prosperity (Jan 30)

China Review News published the remarks by Prof. Xu Yan of the School and other speakers at a seminar held by China Review Think Tank Foundation and China Review News. The event’s main theme was about advancing Hong Kong’s prosperity.

Drawbacks of Western Formalism in Democracy (Jan 26)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Prof. Emeritus Francis LUI, Department of Economics, offered his views on the “seven sins” of Western formalism in democracy.

Hong Kong’s Economic Quagmire Continues (Jan 26)

Adjunct Prof. Alicia GARCIA-HERRERO, Department of Economics, and Research Fellow at Central European Institute of Asian Studies (CEIAS) Gary NG are the co-authors of an article published in East Asia Forum, which delves into the challenges facing Hong Kong in the long term amidst uncertainties about its future economic roles, China's slowing economic growth and the geopolitical risk.

Staying Ahead as Global Risks Rise (Jan 25)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Chair Prof. LI Jiatao, Department of Management, discussed the mounting global risks in the short and long terms, and called for enhanced collaboration to cope with these risks.

New Business Summit (Jan 24)

Various media, including Bjd.com, ynet.com, ifeng.com, hexun.com, jxntv.cn, jingji.com, sina.cn, china.com, cnfol.com, chinadaily and china.com reported that at the New Business Summit 2024 in Beijing, Prof. Xu Yan of the School was among the distinguished guests who presented awards to outstanding companies.

Advice for Aspiring Management Consultants (Jan 24)

In a businessbecause.com article on Bain & Company being named one of Glassdoor's best companies to work for in 2024, MBA student Michele VALENTE, was quoted as saying that consulting is a very interesting job which gives strong basics to problem solving and data analysis, but it often comes with big cons, such as continuous travel and a not-ideal work-life balance.

Hong Kong Prepares for Retail Access to Spot Virtual Asset ETFs (Jan 22)

The Securities and Futures Commission is prepared to authorize funds with direct exposure to virtual assets, including spot virtual asset ETFs. Assoc. Dean Prof. Allen HUANG said in an interview with HK Economic Journal that the underlying asset prices of spot virtual asset ETFs are highly volatile, and therefore, it is not suitable for retail investors to allocate huge investment funds to them.

Post-election Situation in Taiwan Strait (Jan 19)

An HK Economic Times column article by Prof. Emeritus Francis Lui, Department of Economics, analyzed the cross-strait relations after Taiwan's elections.

Female Tycoons on the Rise (Jan 19)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Director of Roger King Center for Asian Family Business and Family Office Prof. Winnie PENG talked about the rising number of female billionaires in China.

Should AI Take Over Mundane Work? (Jan 18)

In an SCMP commentary, Senior Assoc. Dean Prof. HUI Kai-Lung, together with Asst. Prof. ZHOU Jiali of the American University in Washington, offered their insights on generative AI's limitations and its impact on human capability.

Global Regulators Tighten Standards on ESG Investments (Jan 14)

In an article published in Chnfund.com, eastmoney, ifeng.com, gf.com and stockstar on global regulators tightening standards on ESG investments and their increased attention to the greenwashing problem, Asst. Prof. RAO Deyu, Department of Economics, was quoted as saying that establishing a data validation mechanism with auditing performed by an independent third-party is the key to solving the greenwashing problem.

On Maximizing Profits (Jan 12)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Prof. Emeritus Francis Lui, Department of Economics, shared his takeaways from an autobiography article allegedly by tycoon LI Ka-Shing, saying that there is nothing wrong for a businessman to make the most out of his investments.

Stemming out Frauds with SMS Sender Registration Scheme and White List (Jan 11)

In a column article published in HK Economic Times, Chair Prof. of the Department of ISOM and Elman Family Prof. of Business Hui Kai-Lung offered his take on the newly implemented SMS Sender Registration Scheme.

China’s Shifting Ties in Latin America (Jan 6)

In an article published in The Wired China, Adjunct Prof. Alicia García-Herrero, Department of Economics, discussed the different approaches the region's countries take to Beijing, the impact of Javier Milei's rise to lead Argentina and the pluses and minuses of China's economic influence.

China’s Debt No Major Crisis (Jan 5)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Prof. Emeritus Francis Lui, Department of Economics, shared his views on why China’s debt problem will not be a major crisis.

Managing Risks in Mineral Supply amidst Energy Transition (Jan 4)

In an HK Economic Times column article, Chair Prof. Li Jiatao, Department of Management, wrote about the ten strategies for coping with risks arising from the energy transition.