With the goal of transforming UST into a sustainable campus of the future, the Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC) is a university-wide initiative that empowers members of the UST community to use the campus as a platform for learning, experimenting, and showcasing new ideas and approaches.

In its 7th round of SSC “Call for Proposals”, a project put forward by Adjunct Assistant Professor Mark YOUNG (Department of Management), and Assistant Professor XIANG Changying (Division of Integrative Systems and Design), has been selected by the SSC Committee for a HK$400,000 funding award.

Their proposal “Interactive UST map + Amazing Sustainability Race: Art-Tech for a better interactive Sustainable HKUST Campus” impressed the Committee as it embraces the central vision of the SSC. It addresses a sustainability issue with a smart and innovative approach. Inspired by a popular TV show – “The Amazing Race”, the project proposes to divide students into teams and challenge them, in less than 90 minutes, to discover on campus some incredible sustainability initiatives. Each team is required to tour various locations, answer a quiz, or complete a task in the shortest possible time.

The project ran a ‘beta’ version last semester with tremendously positive feedback. With the funding, the project is gearing up to the next level and will be incorporated into various courses – including Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (MGMT 2130) next semester.