The 4th edition of HKUST Fintechstic (Fintechstic) embarked on an exciting theme to bridge the knowledge and applications of the two most dynamic domains currently in the finance industry – green finance and digital assets. Led by the Fintech and Green Finance Projects of HKUST Business School in celebration of the Hong Kong FinTech Week, the annual educational initiative centers around “The New Paradigm of Digital Asset Under Regulatory Regime – Achieving Green SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in Hong Kong through Financial Innovations” this year. A series of activities were designed to engage students and the general public in exploring the crossroads of the two burgeoning domains and their untapped opportunities.

Fintechstic 2023 offered an array of public education activities, including two webinars on digital assets and green finance successfully held in September and October, attracting an impressive attendance of over 500; and a prize quiz, “Green Finance 100 Online Trivia”, for the public to learn and challenge their knowledge of green finance.

This year, the Fintechstic Student Competition has taken a new form integrated as the Student Track of TADS Awards 2023 – an annual global industry awards initiative for the Tokenized Assets and Digital Securities (“TADS”) sector. The Competition received a record-breaking participation of 253 students, forming 73 contesting teams.

Supporting organizations of Fintechstic 2023 include the Association of Family Offices in Asia, C Capital, CGS International, Coinstreet, HashKey Group, HKUST Impact Ventures Program, the Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association, Invest Hong Kong, Moon Lab, and MSCI.

Visit the Fintechstic 2023 website for more information.

The Two Webinars: “Exploring the World of Security Tokens and Non-Security Tokens in the Modern Financial Landscape” (top left) featured Ms. Anna LIU, General Manager of Tokenisation at HashKey Group, and Mr. Samson LEE, Founder and CEO of Coinstreet, and Signum Digital from the digital assets domain on September 27; “Sailing Towards a Greener Future: Navigating the World of Green Finance”(bottom left) featured Mr. Mehul THAKKAR, Executive Director, Head of ESG Issuer Relations, Asia Pacific, and Mr. Jakub MALICH, Vice President, ESG & Climate Research of MSCI representing the green finance sector on October 11.