Congratulations to our two professors from the Department of Management and their postgraduate students, who are recognized by the Academy of Management for Best Paper Proceedings.

In the field of Human Resources, the paper titled “Warmth Matters, Not Competence: AI Recruiting and Applicants’ Organization Attraction” co-authored by Professor GONG Yaping, Head of the Department of Management, and his former PhD student, Federico MAGNI, discusses the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment and selection process of employees. This paper broke new ground in exploring how AI recruiter influences recruitment outcomes, with an effect on an organization’s attractiveness to job applicants.

In the area of Strategic Management, Professor JT LI, Lee Quo Wei Professor of Business, and his postgraduate student LI Jingyuan co-authored the award-winning paper titled “Government Frugality Campaign and SOE Executive Compensation: The Influence of Non-State Ownership”. The paper investigates the implication of a large number of stakeholders coexisting in a firm, resulting in their interaction producing heterogeneous effects. Under the context of two significant types of non-state ownership – domestic private and foreign ownership, the study reveals stark differences in how financial resources are allocated among firms.

The Academy of Management is a professional association for management and organization scholars, including those in the fields of business and social sciences. Valuing high quality research, the Academy has set up awards and platforms to recognize and share remarkable research works of scholars.