Between October 2021 and February 2022, the Fintech Mentorship Program was held to broaden students’ exposure to the real business world. Organized by the Fintech Research Project of HKUST Business School and J.P. Morgan, the program allowed students to solve actual business problems while working with industry experts. Thirty-five students from business, science, and engineering majors were involved in six projects to examine various topics, including market analysis, UI/UX, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

On February 24, a Demo Day was held to conclude the program. During the event, 12 students who demonstrated outstanding performance pitched their unique and innovative solutions to over 200 J.P. Morgan employees, including the CEO of Hong Kong and the CIO of Asia Pacific at J.P. Morgan.

After the presentation, six winners were selected by the audience based on the quality of their ideas and presentations. Ending the Demo Day on a high note, the winners also recounted their experience participating in the program and expressed their gratitude towards their mentors for their support and guidance. They also expressed their appreciation towards their student peers for their efforts and ideas.

What’s more, many participants reflected that the program allowed them to gain an authentic understanding of the fintech environment and how exchanging ideas with each other greatly benefitted project outcomes.

The Fintech Mentorship Program is an effective platform that connects fintech companies with new talent. We look forward to more collaborations on talent development with J.P. Morgan and other industry partners. Contact us at to learn more about the project.