The Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS)

HKUST Business School is the only business school offering CEMS MIM (MSc in International Management) in Hong Kong, a global alliance of 34 world-class academic institutions in the world, collaborate with over 60 companies to offer international, postgraduate students a unique blend of high-quality education and multi-country experience.

Founded in 1988 in Europe, the CEMS network has grown steadily to the Americas and Asia, largely due to the success and popularity of the prestigious supranational CEMS Master’s in International Management program (CEMS MIM).

CEMS is the global leader in the pre-experience Master’s market and the CEMS MIM is acknowledged as the best passport for an international career. This program is exclusively open to Master’s students of CEMS member schools, who meet very strict selection criteria and will receive the CEMS qualification in conjunction with their home degree.

The global network is unequaled in terms of the reputation of its worldwide members: 34 world-class academic institutions collaborate with over 60 companies and 8 non-profit organizations to offer international, postgraduate students a unique blend of high quality education and multi-country experience. Academic membership to the CEMS network is by invitation only and the selected institutions are among the best in their regions.

The CEMS MIM is one of the top pre-experience Master’s in Management programs in the world and has climbed three places in the last two years. The program has been included in the top 10 every year since the global Financial Times MIM ranking began in 2005. It is by far the only truly global program in the Financial Times MIM ranking, being the only one to be delivered across four continents and the only one in the ranking to represent the Americas and Australia.

CEMS corporate partners represent a highly diverse network in terms of sector of activity, company culture, size and reasons for being part of the CEMS alliance. However, they all recognize the important competitive advantage of a privileged access to a pool of internationally-minded top business students.

The partnership structure enables corporate partners to contribute actively on a variety of fronts within the network: from contributing to the strategic orientation and management of the network and CEMS MIM curriculum delivery, through to recruiting CEMS students, graduates or alumni to their organizations. CEMS corporate partnership is perceived as a long-term commitment bringing benefits to the whole CEMS alliance.