Today more than ever, the business world requires rigorous research that is highly relevant. The HKUST Business School is committed to producing quality and insightful research that informs important economic and business decisions in today’s dynamic business world, while proactively promoting knowledge transfer by encouraging our faculty to share their research findings, so as to impact and contribute to both the local and global business communities.

At the HKUST Business School, we strongly encourage our faculty to carry out cutting-edge research that extends the frontiers of business knowledge and contributes to real-world practice. Our research scholars from different departments and research centers look at different aspects of the economic and business development of the interconnected world. They consistently earn worldwide recognition for their research accomplishments. For detailed information about our faculty’s research work and papers, please visit our departmental websites .

We also play an active role in transferring knowledge externally. Through different platforms and BizInsight@HKUST initiatives, our faculty aspire to disseminate their research findings to the public, making significant and impactful contributions to the society.


Learn more about our faculty and their areas of expertise through this online faculty expert database.

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