Fintech Talent Development, Competency, and Manpower Study

With the rise of virtual banks, e-commerce, cashless payments and more, the fintech industry plays an increasingly important role in the management and movement of our finances. However, Hong Kong currently faces a shortage of fintech talent to meet with industry demands in the years ahead.

HKUST Business School launched the Fintech Talent Development, Competency, and Manpower Study — an industry-wide study that addressed the growing demand for fintech talent in Hong Kong.

This year has posed numerous uncertainties for our future. Due to COVID-19 disruptions, the demand for all things digital including fintech, has reached an all-time high. What are the specific skills and traits required for the industry? How can Hong Kong develop and recruit talent as a global hub?

Looking to facilitate the industry, educators, and policymakers to support Hong Kong in transforming into a global fintech hub, the study explored ten observations about the industry. It suggested ten recommendations related to talent development, as well as identified 13 core competencies for fintech professionals that are relevant to Hong Kong’s unique context.