Research Centers

The HKUST Business School's reputation in business research derives from the world-class interdisciplinary work developed by our leading research and professional development centers.

Center for Business and Social Analytics

The Center for Business and Social Analytics (CBSA) serves as a platform for academics and researchers from external advisory bodies, commercial organizations, non-government organizations, and think tanks to collaborate on research that generates business and social insights from analyzing the emerging big data on the Internet. It will apply state-of-the-art statistics and econometrics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence tools and methods to analyze timely business and social issues for both the professional and general audience. The objective is to offer evidence-based insights and advice generated from advanced analytics for business and social policies. Such insights and advice will benefit the economic and social development of Hong Kong and Greater China.

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Kai-Lung HUI
Senior Associate Dean, Elman Family Professor of Business, Chair Professor and Head of ISOM
(852) 2358 7641

Assoicate Dean (UG Programs), Professor of Accounting
(852) 2358 7559

Yongshun CAI
Chair Professor and Head of Social Science
(852) 2358 7782

James KWOK
Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
(852) 2358 7013

Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 8498

Center for Business Strategy and Innovation

This Center seeks to advance management practices through rigorous academic research in strategy and innovation. Our world-class research has promoted a better understanding of critical issues related to business strategy and innovation facing business and community leaders in the region. Its objectives are to:

  • Facilitate, sponsor and publish high quality, applied research addressing critical issues related to innovation and strategy, and relevant public policy issues;
  • Improve the practice of management by publishing the results of applied research in local and international business publications;
  • Serve as a platform for conducting executive seminars, speaker series, and conferences.

We invite you to learn more about our outstanding work and contact us to partner in similar endeavors.

Jiatao LI
Lee Quo Wei Professor of Business, Chair Professor of Management
(852) 2358 7757

Yan XU
Professor of ISOM
(852) 2358 7640

Center for Economic Policy

The mission of the Center for Economic Policy (CEP) is to improve the effectiveness of economic policies and programs by providing high quality research insights. Two research programs have been established within the Center. One is on Antitrust and Competition Policy, focusing on the study of interactions of business strategies and market competition, as well as the impact of laws and regulations on competition, business strategies, and the general economy. The other is the Development Economics Action Research (DEAR) Program, which focuses on rigorous evaluation of policy interventions in developing countries. The DEAR Program seeks to become the leading center for such evaluation research in Asia.

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Associate Professor
(852) 2358 7608

Professor of Economics
(852) 2358 7618

Roger King Center for Asian Family Business and Family Office

The Roger King Center for Asian Family Business and Family Office aims to be the world’s premier research and teaching center for Asian family business and family office studies, bridging the knowledge gap among practitioners, academics, and policymakers in all of its programs and activities. Recognizing the multi-disciplinary nature of both areas, the Center collaborates with leading families and institutions around the world to achieve the following objectives:

  • Conduct quality academic research, develop case studies as well as publish media articles on Asian family businesses and family offices
  • Provide courses and signature training programs, and tailor-made programs in collaboration with external partners on family business and family office
  • Organize events such as workshops, seminars, and conferences

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Winnie PENG
Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 8259

Thompson Center for Business Case Studies

The Center builds expert insights through case studies focusing on business in Asia. We work closely with the HKUST Business School faculty and company executives to develop cases that merge academic concepts with real-world business challenges and opportunities.

The Center's objectives are to:

  • Facilitate the development of quality Asian business cases under the supervision of HKUST faculty;
  • Promote the case method of teaching at HKUST;
  • Organize and host case teaching and writing workshops;
  • Promote inter-faculty and inter-university collaboration;
  • Develop closer links with Asia's business community.

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Winnie PENG
Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 8259

Roger KING
Adjunct Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 8259

Center for Investing

The Center has broadened its focus and extended its work to cover various aspects of applied research in financial development in Hong Kong and elsewhere as its mission. Based on the strong research expertise of the faculty members in the Department of Finance, the Center works with various partners and associates to conduct research that generates both theoretical potentials and applicable techniques.

The Center has the following research areas as its priority.

  • Banking - As a financial center in the world, Hong Kong is known for its banking industry. A rich financial history often prompts important issues as research topics.
  • Securities markets - Vibrant stock market and derivative warrants market in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, generate many interesting questions for research. The Center is well poised to study these questions and generate implications for the other markets.
  • Venture capital and private equity - Being in Hong Kong and close to Shenzhen where numerous start-up companies choose to call home, and where VC and PE attract most talents, the Center has its comparative advantage in doing related research.
  • Fintech and financial innovation - Riding on the new wave of financial technology development, the Center engages in various activities, such as seminars and workshops.

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Professor of Finance and Head of Department
(852) 2358 7669

Center for Securities Analysis with Financial Technology

The Center for Securities Analysis with Financial Technology is established as a platform for researchers from academia, financial institutions and regulatory bodies to collaborate on research related to security analysis and capital markets. The center aims to promote research with significant business and social impact, with an emphasis on the role of emerging technologies, such as machine learning and big data technology in security analysis and valuation. The center also strives to develop new insights and solutions that can immediately inform the best business practice. By actively disseminating such insights and engaging with the business community, we will contribute to the development of financial sectors of Hong Kong.

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Kevin CHEN
Chair Professor of Accounting
(852) 2358 7552

Haifeng YOU
Professor of Accounting
(852) 2358 7576