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Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Celebrates 6 Years of Top World Rankings

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology's Executive MBA Program, jointly offered with the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, maintains its leading position in the world in this year's Financial Times EMBA global rankings. It ranks No. 2 overall. This follows its historic ranking as the world's No. 1 last year.

The program has been in the world's top ten since it first took part in the ranking in 2003. For four consecutive years since 2005, it has been in the world's top 3.

The program is listed No.1 for "salary today" of its participants and No. 1 in "international students", No.2 in "work experience" and No.3 in "international faculty". The Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program also comes first in "top salary in finance", "top salaries in industry" and "top salaries in consulting".

By nationality, 88% of the current class of the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program is international. Some 40% of the students are based outside of Hong Kong. On average they have 14 years of full-time working experience.

The 2008 Financial Times ranking is compiled using data from two sets of surveys; one is completed by alumni who graduated from the respective programs in 2005, and the other by the business schools.

HKUST President Professor Paul Chu is delighted at the latest ranking. "This is the sixth year that our EMBA partnership program is placed in the world's top 10. Over the last four years, the program has consistently been ranked the world's top three. This speaks volumes about the quality of our EMBA program," he said.

Prof. Leonard Cheng, Acting Dean of HKUST Business School, congratulated the program on its sustainable achievement. "The continual support of the two universities has been crucial to the successful development of the program. The repeated top rankings bestowed on the program are the best testimony to the two institutions' quality commitment," he said.

Prof. Steven DeKrey, Senior Associate Dean and Founding Director of the EMBA Program, thanked the partner School, Kellogg, for its on-going support. Describing Kellogg as a "true pioneer" in international management education, he said, "Kellogg was the first top school in the US to build partnership programs worldwide. Not only has it created and implemented this great model of management education, but it has also continued to provide some of the best intellectual capabilities by sending top professors to teach in the program in Hong Kong. This has helped us build Asia's leading program and clearly one of the top in the world."

Three Kellogg joint programs, namely, Kellogg-HKUST, Kellogg-WHU and Kellogg- York: Schulich are in the top 20 in this year's Financial Times ranking. In an integrated ranking that included Kellogg and all its international partnership programs by the Wall Street Journal in September, the Kellogg group of programs ranked No. 1 in the world.

The Kellogg-HKUST program was launched in 1998 as a unique East-West partnership to offer the best management education for international talent based in Asia. It consists of 28 courses, each covered during two weekends, offered over a 16-month program. Teaching is shared equally between Kellogg and HKUST faculty.

This year the Financial Times rankings table includes the world's top 95 EMBA programs. It evaluates them by looking at the quality of their alumni, school and program quality, and the research capabilities of faculty. Alumni quality is determined by salary and career advancement on completion of the program, work experience, seniority and feedback on how the program helps graduates fulfill their aims. School quality is measured by the diversity of faculty, students and advisors, the global nature of the program and the proportion of faculty with PhD degrees. The research ranking is determined by the scholarly output of faculty in top academic journals.

Students at "Individual & Group Behavior in the Organization" class.
Dean Emeritus Donald Jacobs flies to Hong Kong every year to teach Kellogg-HKUST EMBA class.
Current KH11 class
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University