[eNews] FinTech Program for Non-technical Executives & Professionals

FinTech affects every stage of the value chain of financial services, challenging existing business models while creating new opportunities untapped in the past.

To help executives understand the disruptive nature of FinTech, the Executive Education Office offered a two-day open program on FinTech for Non-technical Executives & Professionals in early November. 28 senior executives from 21 companies joined the program and participants had an average of 17 years of working experience from several diverse industries.

Professor HUI Kai-Lung, Professor KC CHAN and Professor Hilton CHAN shared insights into FinTech development, core technologies (i.e. bitcoin, blockchain, data analytics, and security), business cases, applications and regulations, etc.

The program concluded with a panel discussion by FinTech experts and startups. Participants were encouraged to engage in a broader dialogue with a view to helping them to get better prepared for the FinTech revolution.


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