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Honor Recognizes Teaching Excellence

The Michael G Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching is the highest accolade in teaching at HKUST that presents to only one faculty member each year. Associate Professor of Business Education in the Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management (ISOM), Jeevan JAISINGH, becomes the award recipient of 2021 and the honor exemplifies the uncompromising commitment of our faculty in pursuit of excellence.

Clarity, Adaptability, Responsiveness and Empathy (CARE) teaching philosophy has guided Professor Jaisingh, to empathize students’ needs, design engaging courses and teaching materials that combine theory and practice. In addition to the Michael G Gale Medal, he has been the winners of multiple teaching awards, including the Business School’s Franklin Prize for Teaching Excellence for twice, and the Common Core Excellence Course Award.  

“My guiding light has always been the belief that I can make a difference, every single day, for students in the classroom and beyond,” says Professor Jaisingh.  He adds that teaching can have its highs and lows. Teachers can cherish the highs, while use the lows as a stepping stone to be a better professor of tomorrow. “Winning the award provides immense satisfaction that my contributions in shaping student development are being recognized by the University,” he says.

Professor Jaisingh joined HKUST in 2003. A member of the Steering Committee on Review of the Common Core and the Working Group on Review of the Common Core, Professor Jaisingh has been instrumental in revamping the Common Core program to which “Critical Thinking and Data Literacy” was introduced as a new Foundation course.  He also served various teaching and learning committees in the Business School.

Professor Jaisingh is the sixth faculty from the Business School to receive the Michael G. Gale Medal. He is particularly indebted to all ISOM department heads for supporting his teaching journey.

The Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching was established in 1994 to commemorate the late Founding Council Member, Mr Michael G. Gale, for his distinguished service and outstanding contributions to the development of HKUST.