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Marketing in a Digital World

The rapid rise of digital media in recent years has had a major impact on the marketing sector, bringing a host of challenges and opportunities.

New tools and technologies have made it possible to track results and manage strategies far more effectively. And with mobile devices giving users easy online access, marketers and advertisers can now use the collected data to build a clearer picture of consumer preferences and how prospective buyers choose to be engaged.

Besides that, the expanding array of channels, social media platforms and electronic devices has implications for businesses of every size. Customers now expect personal engagement, with the right message, at the right time, on the right device.

In a series of four interviews, senior executives from Google Greater China, Tencent Music Entertainment Group, McDonald's Hong Kong and TVB share their perspectives on digital marketing as it applies to their particular sectors. These companies all develop their own solutions to personalize consumer engagement, in response to the changing business landscape.

But to succeed on the road to personalization, marketers are also required to extract useful insights from their customer data and develop new revenue models, while dealing with issues like customer privacy and cybersecurity. This is why rigorous studies in different and boarder domains are so important.

Research by the HKUST Business School has not only helped digital marketers become more agile and effective, but also looked into different fields of consumer behavior, providing insights to companies to build customer loyalty and accelerate growth.

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