International Digital Platforms and Ecosystem-specific Advantages
LI, J. T. | CHEN, Liang | YI, Jingtao | MAO, Jiye | LIAO, Jianwen

We have entered a new phase of business dominated by digital platforms, i.e.  platforms that have a modular architecture and provide interface that facilitates multilateral transactions and exchanges among users and providers ...

The Perfect Match: Personalised Shopping Recommendations for Mobile Devices
LEE, Dongwon | GOPAL, Anandasivam | PARK, Sung-Hyuk

Few people leave home without their smartphones or other mobile devices, which now dominate almost every aspect of our personal lives—including shopping. We already know that purchase behavior differs between mobile- and PC- ...

Discounts: A Double-Edged Sword
CAO, Zike | HUI, Kai Lung | XU, Hong

For retailers seeking to stand out in the cutthroat world of e-commerce, discounts can offer a powerful advertising tool. Across the Web, businesses compete for customers’ attention by announcing the most exclusive deals and ...