stock market

The Cost of Listing Overseas
GE, Weili | MATSUMOTO, Dawn | WANG, Emily Jing | ZHANG, Jenny Li

Listing on a U.S. stock exchange can be good for business, but U.S.-listed foreign firms pay a big price for deliberately misleading investors, according to a 2020 study by Ge, Matsumoto, Wang, and Zhang. . The authors compared th ...

The Importance of Counterparty Credit Risk in Financial Markets
ZHANG, Chu | LI, Gang

Counterparty credit risk (CCR) refers to the risk that a counterparty will not pay up as obligated in a contract.  Under such circumstances, an economic loss would occur if the transaction with the counterparty has a positive ...

Explaining the Share Repurchase Puzzle

When firms announce they will repurchase shares, the market tends to see this as good news and responds positively – even though there is no requirement on the firm to actually repurchase. In fact, a number of firms never do ...