corporate social responsibility

CSR Reportings under Institutional Conflict
LUO, Xiaowei Rose | WANG, Danqing | ZHANG, Jianjun

The authors in this study develop a theoretical framework in which the disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities is viewed as an organizational response to institutional complexity which exists between the dem ...

Seeking Advice
VENKATESH, Viswanath | SYKES, Tracy A. | ZHANG, Xiaojun

Sadly, underprivileged groups in less developed countries (LDCs) lack access to proper medical care and accurate medical information, resulting in high rates of mortality. As part of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development ...

Working Together for the Greater Good
ONG, Madeline | MAYER, David M. | TOST, Leigh P. | WELLMAN, Ned

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a very important part of any business’s activities. Showing an interest in wider social issues and investing in doing good are surefire ways for a company to strengthen its brand and ...