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Fintech Manpower Development in Asia-Pacific Financial Centers with a Focus on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Professionals

An in-depth analysis about AI and big data talent landscape across six financial centers in Asia Pacific, to understand the measures taken by each financial center to fill the talent gap, and makes recommendations.

FINTECH - Reshaping the Future of Finance Services

Over the years, our faculty members have published articles on local media outlets, sharing their insights with the public in a book FINTECH – Reshaping the Future of Finance Services《金融科技重塑金融未來》 Published by the HKUST Busi ...

Machine learning, business analytics, and AI: Based Model of Web Search Behavior: An Application to TV Show Search

We develop a flexible content-based search model that links the content preferences of search engine users to query search volume and click-through rates. Content preferences are defined over latent topics that describe the conten ...